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Samsung Beat Apple for the first time

Their competitors in terms of profitability for the first time Samsung is leaving the company after Apple.

During a Samsung second quarter of this year, the two big names in the world of smart phones is expected to be a $ 12.1 billion profit.

And this time when the Galaxy Note at the end of last year the company had a loss of billions of dollars seam batteries in case of rupture.

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However, despite the setback seam Galaxy Note which has increased sales of Samsung phones at S phone is going to be like.

However, profits depend on sales of Samsung's smartphones than Apple, but he is at the forefront in terms of display and micro chip.

The interesting thing is that even in the hands of Apple's record profits of Samsung.

It is being said about developing the LED display from Apple and that Apple will use its new iPhone.

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Apple will come out quarterly estimate by next month but still had time to go back to the US company Samsung.

Samsung and Apple phones currently cover more than a third of smartphones sold worldwide.

Samsung offered for sale in the next quarter with regard to the expectations of South Korea for a while this year's second flagship phone Galaxy Note will come at Galaxy Note re furnished sets seam during which associated has been introduced, which is expected to be made in other countries.

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