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Honda's new Accord will protect you from accidents

Honda Accord was the first glimpse of the new model.

Honda has paid special attention to security technology which has shown glimpses of his generation Accord tan and information, 2018 Friday.

This new car is wider and lower than before, while the length is less than the current version.

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However, to highlight the outlook for the sports car company has more try.

Inside the car the next seats were bigger so that the space has been increased by two inches to get more space for the rear seats.

Has eight-inch touch screen display car audio and can be used in the Apple and Android Auto Car playback.

Link to support Honda Telematics System has been on the road, so there are also remote locking and unlocking, engine start, remote diagnostic features and speed tracking.

The company's wireless charging, IV LTE Car Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi will be available over-the-air system for users as additional options.

The vehicle has now been repeated 192 horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, while the 2.0 turbo engine has been.

Busts aluminum suspension control while the vehicle has been re-designed Tu-mode driving system is also available.

The ability to speed up the vehicle's safety system has been given to prevent any accident that moves the wheel while wrecking the vehicle and also stops preventing from the collision.

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This car has the ability to recognize traffic signs and displays in front of the driver.

A multi-angle camera, Blind Spot Monitor, Front and back parking sensors, driver and monitor cross-traffic alert will be available as additional options.

This vehicle will be offered at any time for sale at the end of the year, and the company has not yet announced its price, but it may be expected to be $ 22,500, or more.

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