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Will it beat Galaxy S Phone 8?

If Apple and Samsung phones a company than the one that is being made plus the new flagship phone launched next week.

The company announced that its new flagship One Plus Five will be presented on June 20.

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This phone already come with Android Police has offered a glimpse indicating that it is a dual camera phone while it's also available in black color.

Other features of this phone like the Galaxy S at the snap dragonflies powerful Qualcomm 835 processor able to move the camera performance while One X Plus D and is working closely with the company.

It looks like the iPhone seam plus watch phone company is an iPhone killer in the past their devices.

Fingerprint reader is located on the phone's front and 8 GB RAM, 3600 mAh battery and charging system is likely to dash for faster charging.

It is also expected that the Galaxy S at One Plus Five to call Basel equipped.

Phone 3.5 mm headphone jack, but it will also not waterproof like the Galaxy S phone at.

One plus phone are quite cheap compared to Samsung's previous flagship phones like the iPhone and 
One Plus One Plus Five Three T was 439 dollars, but the price is likely to be up to 650 dollars.

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