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Take Skype for instant updates

If you video calling app Skype are accustomed to use it quickly, because they will not be used to update the old version after June 30.

It has been announced by Microsoft.

According to the older version of Skype will be permanently retired after thirty June July you will not be able to sign in the old version.

According to the company, this change will not affect you if you have recently updated the app or start using it in another device.

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Microsoft said it will save your friends and family from the great inconvenience this will take a few minutes for them to update to the new version.

The Skype did not completely change your app earlier this month made him snap like Facebook chat and messenger.

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As far as new features like snap stories chat and messenger highlight the new version of Skype, the number of group chat is being protected includes many changes to the upgrade.

These new changes that they expect acro software than WhatsApp, Viber and snap an increasingly popular chat apps to users can be attracted.

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