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Snap chat video recorder spring in Europe

Social sharing application to record video and snap chat finally it was offered for sale in the Sun Glass Europe to share on social account.

Snap chat was announced last year to this special hearing glass in Europe.

Special springs Social Sharing application was first offered for sale in the United States since last year.

Last year they were offered for sale in California in September this spring was introduced in Europe after 9 months.

Instantly in Europe this spring is being sold online through the exclusive vendor machine has been introduced in the UK in London, the spring snap chat.

This special glasses has been placed price 130 Euro in Europe, when it was priced at US $ 130.

Snap chat that soon all the springs in other major cities in Europe, Berlin, Barcelona and Brussels will also be offered for sale, that currently do not have any time for its sales in Asia

The possibility that the other major cities of Europe will be first presented to the Central Asian countries and sales in major cities of the South Asian countries.

Snap is the first top of the chat, which were offered for sale, snap chat before it was limited to social sharing applications.

Snap is the exclusive source for up to ten seconds of recording video chat and provides facility to share in social account.

Sun has installed special feature of being connected to the camera and snap chat side of the glass windows.

Initially it was special glass has been presented in three different colors.

This special spring is connected to a snap chat with the help of smartphones, which facilitates the share was recorded on video sharing social websites.

This spring, the company sells through its specialized vendor marketing machine 'snap protected ", company machine has been installed at various locations in the city every day, where the user will be able to buy the glass itself heard.

Special springs for Aspect lace can be bought online from a special website was created.

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