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Skype has completely changed its app design and look

Software company Microsoft said its video and audio call the application using it snap like Facebook chat and Skype Messenger change course.

Skype is known about the specific video and audio calls, but Microsoft said this app has several changes.

Skype has introduced 6 years have passed, and during this time Microsoft has made several changes to make it popular among consumers, but this time it was not changed at all.

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Instagram stole also features a snap chat

Will now be able to not only audio and video calls through Skype, but it will snap chat and Facebook will be able to exchange messages and photos like the messenger.

The change is part of efforts by Microsoft, which was for many years, so popular in the Skype people.

Microsoft said it would change the name of the next generation of the time needed to change Skype.

Introducing other social sharing features, including Snap chat applications like Skype, Instagram and 
Messenger attempt to popularize it, which I immediately liked consumers.

However, it has yet to be pleased that Skype's popularity in public since the change.

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