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Samsung announced the introduction of Pirates of the Caribbean

Smart Mobile is the world's biggest maker Samsung has announced that it will offer for sale recently introduced its Galaxy S version 8 Pirates of the Caribbean.

The company Pirates of the Caribbean version of Mobile will present only in China.

The company also announced it was keeping Holly Hollywood movie fame, is giving its customers Samsung mobile handsets based on Disney movie characters and colors to win his heart.

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Samsung reports that emerge under the banner of the Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean film series of nine tails Dead Man tail will develop mobile versions.

Galaxy unaltered screen and other features of this special version of S 8 will only be a change in internal design and the external screen.

8 Pirates of the Caribbean version of the Galaxy S has developed special Smart Case for Samsung, the mobile phone will install the theme like Disney film.

The theme of the Pirates of the Caribbean Captain Jack's leading role on the mobile phone screen will appear Isparta, when the mobile all the icons will be switched to the main theme of the deadline taillights nine tails.

The company was not willing to offer for sale in other countries in addition to this special edition of China.

However, this version may be offered for sale in countries where the Galaxy S 8 so far not been offered for sale.

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Disney movie theme up to the Galaxy S has the value of 8 900 US dollars, China Mobile people sitting out online can buy.

The government had recently introduced the Samsung Galaxy S Plus 8 and S 8, the company also offers a free plan with a mobile while working on sales of Galaxy S 8.

So far, most of the mobile Samsung being declared successful mobile.

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