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Pakistan Celebrities are Posting Selfies with Eyes Closed, Here’s Why

You may have seen on Instagram social media, especially in recent days, Pakistani celebrities are frequently post photos khcua blindly.

But do you ever thought why? Surely this teaser does not show the film during a promo, then what is it?

If the reason is that they are posting the images to highlight an important issue for artists and athletes fact Pakistan.

Eyes that are leading figures highlight the problem by running the campaign with the hashtag was closed for light to focus on live thousands of people daily without light in Pakistan, and the eyes of the filter in front of the eyes closing for a moment it makes me feel helpless persons deprived of the power of darkness.

The campaign is being run by any Pepsi that can post your photo with #EyesClosedForLight and for each image a bottle will light a disadvantaged person.

Pictures of celebrities to participate in this campaign you can see below.


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