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Nissan introduces a new vehicle X-Trail

Known company Nissan has made several new additions compared to the first which introduced its new vehicle X-Trail 2017.

The Japanese car company has used the new head lamps are installed clusters and LED day time running lights.

Thus it was that night Front Lightning System to easily adjust the light direction of the drivers automatically.

The D shape has four-way controller steering wheel does not hurt that travel during the driver's eyes.
Similarly, Nissan Connect touch screen satellite navigation feature has also been equipped with the Pro Pilot automatic driving technology features that have been called.

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This feature will be available to consumers next year and the steering, accelerator and brake on the ability to control the lane motorway.

This feature is currently not available in other cars available in the market.
2.0-liter 177 PS diesel engine in this car is the vehicle users will be able to take four colors.

Nissan says it has a motion sensor and electric tail gate can be opened and closed by the movement of the legs below the bumper.

This car will be offered for sale in various countries of the world during the third quarter of this year and its potential value may be up to Rs 50 to 60 lakh.


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