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Learn how to schedule WhatsApp messages

The world's most popular messaging app WhatsApp, which they keep in touch with friends and family, but do you know how to schedule your posts in this?

Voice messages, voice and video calls feature new status, there are constant changes in WhatsApp, but it is also possible to send messages to the schedule.
If WhatsApp have not introduced myself yet has no feature to schedule messages, but third party  through the app.

You can schedule scheduler for WhatsApp messages on Android phones via the app.

For this, first of all, Google Play Store this link will come to go app to download and install curry, which the option enabled Accessibility settings to schedule messages before you press the Open button, as below picture can see.

Then this option will look OK krdynaur written scheduler WhatsApp where you will open the Accessibility page.

Then turn enabled it by clicking on WhatsApp scheduler.

After a day WhatsApp will come down a bit + sign messages that can be used to schedule.

After you select the date and time or select a contact group on WhatsApp, then after the schedule messages or picture messages are attached.

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