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Jazz’s Lay Lou Tissue TVC is Best reply to India from Pakistan

If you remember the days of 2015 when the Indian channel Star Sports to share an advertisement of ICC match between Pakistan and India in the World Cup?

This ad has until now after the release of a trend that was popular around the world in this manner.

It was built for the ad was "a chance" that the team, because the team has not won a match since the 1992 World Cup in India.

If this ad ICC was built for the World Cup, the Indian cricket fans themselves whether this ad trend once again made the previous day when Pakistan face India in the final of the Champions Trophy.

The Pakistan team this time 'opportunity' to respond to the Indian team broke away from their excellent performances, taking full advantage.

Pakistan beat India by a huge margin of 180 runs in the Champions Trophy final match.

Now this 'opportunity' to Pakistan will forget all their 'opportunity to' answer the advertisement, which was also India.

Indian team lost in the form of tears not make a noise, an advertisement for the Pakistanis offered him a tissue.

This ad after the Champions Trophy final match of the viral on social media, mobile network company which produced jazz.

This ad is viral on social media, which are far more open to the consumer's heart

Hopefully, the opportunity for everyone with this ad will have found the perfect answer .

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