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iPhone 8 will have wireless charging and water proof?

Apple's new iPhone is going to be the company's first device 8, which will be wireless charging.

Thanks to wireless charging, according to a report in the Telegraph, users will be able to wirelessly charge the phone while the phone than in the more advanced features that will be present in any iPhone waterproof seam.

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According to the report the new features required for testing a variety of water-proof and wireless charging.

There were rumors of Apple wireless charging feature in iPhone had joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which earlier this year.

Apple had filed a patent with regard to the charging device to Wi-Fi signals.

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Well at first iPhone smartphone which features will be present in wireless charging and water resistance, it listed a number of phones including the Galaxy S and S seam at Samsung.

New phone 10 anniversary of Apple's iPhone Edge-to-edge display and introduced the reports of the Home buttons.

This phone will have two size 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch versions.

iPhone to iOS at 11 operating system that was introduced this month.

iPhone can be offered for sale in one to two weeks while it is expected to be introduced in September this year.

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