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Google's first phone company to offer former employee

Andy Robin create your own company three years ago saying goodbye company like Google has a sale.

Andy Robin saying his personal goodbye Google in November 2014 company had made "azynsl insurance products, the company had announced plans to offer several unique and innovative technology devices.

The idea that Andy was also a co-founder or co-creator Robin Android operating system, the system was first introduced to Google have introduced.

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After three years of hard work finally make the company constantly Andy Robin company has offered to sell one of its first mobile PHP, which is gaining popularity due to the design.

The cell highlight is that all big companies of smartphones has been developed keeping in view, which it has not only features smart all large companies these phones, but also to the better is presented.

PHP is one of the screen is 5.7 inches, while the internal storage is 128 GB and 4 GB RAM support, transparent as glass but strong core mobile back side, which makes it attractive.

No additional item on the mobile front, when the 8-megapixel camera on the top side of the screen, which can also 4 video recording.

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A dual camera mobile camera 360, which contains 30 images frames per second, than it was a special feature of these cameras, with the images Black & White also can.

PHP is connected to other devices, including Apple's Smart One such mobile phone via Bluetooth headphones.

PHP company has offered to sell the same models in four different colors in the forest, when that amount has been allocated to 699 749 dollars, which are approximately 73 to 79 per thousand.


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