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Facebook tried to use this new feature?

Facebook has changed completely his album feature but most people did not know about it.

Social networking site while on your digital scrapbook completely change Facility to post longer videos with images that have made the introduction.

Users often use album and more people from the new changes that Facebook is expected to use.

Tru quickly edit photos in Instagram, with the hashtag and location tag helps achieve the ability to reach every place, which was put in difficult Likes Facebook album.

Facebook users can also add their album, videos, status and check with the photos.

The company also supported the rise of photos or videos in an album between friends and groups have also introduced, for which Allow friends 'making an album to add to this album' option must be enabled.

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Users will now be able to follow an album so you can stay updated with friends or traveling function.

And Facebook has provided the album feature profile status area, which means that more people will see it.

These changes, according to the Facebook album has now become a tool to tell stories, photos instead of collecting that users will definitely like.

The Facebook iOS, while Android and desktop This new feature is provided to top Users will also be launched.

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