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Clash of Clans: Top 15 tricks and tips to protect your village from enemy troops

In pervious article, I told you a tricks and tips about clash of clans to how you get rich in clash of clans by following that tricks and tips. I hope you will be all clear about how to get rich in clash of clans. So today in this article you will learn about how you protect your village clash of clans by following tips and tricks.

Defending your village of Clash of Clans at Lower Levels:

1. For making you village strong on clash of clans you have to building walls around your town hall to protect it and also protect your defense weapon by building walls around this. Don’t leave space or gaps in your wall because it may give you much more loss in this game and any enemy can attack through this by walking their troops from that space or gaps. In beginner level, you have not much more gold buy more walls so build your wall around only on your important resource and don’t place your all defense weapon into this wall.

2. Use your all defense weapon to protect your clash of clan village. Use archer tower, wizards, flying, cannons and etc. to defend your village from enemies. And always keep your defense weapon mortars and air defense in the center and it protect your village in better way by targeting enemy troops and one more thing keep your archer and cannon inside the walls and many times happened you have no free space inside the wall for placing archer and cannons then don’t worry and place them outside wall and it will be outer defense for your village. You may be known that archer and cannons are fire very quickly so that’s why place these on front line.

3. You can defend your village by help of clan castle so join any clan or you can also build your clan and in this you are able to request for clan to protect your village whenever it in attack and for more defense place your clan castle near town hall.

4. You can protect your village from archer, wizards, barbarians by following this trick. Archer, wizards, and barbarians having habit to always attack on nearest building so defending this make structure like chain. And place your mortars in the center for village. And place your cannon near to the archer tower it will help much more to defend.

5. In beginner level of clash of clans you mostly have not much more walls to protect all thing by encase them all so place your unnecessary building out of your wall like army camps, barracks, laboratory, gold, elixir, and spell factory. And place cannon with the range of these building to protect them from enemies.

6. For protecting your store you can also use bomb for blasting when enemy move to store for attacking.


7. When you reached in middle levels of clash of clans first you should to upgrade your town hall and clan castle and then upgrade your defending weapons and other things. And most important thing doesn’t miss to upgrade your walls. Must upgrade you walls.

8. When you upgrade your Town Hall to higher level then enemy will attack you by sending dragons and air bones and strong things on battle field and it’s much more dangerous for you so for avoiding this upgrade your troops, walls and other defending things on game.

9. After upgrading your town hall and other defending thing on game and now your able to access other tools which you found in store and you find things like Air Defense, Hidden Tesla, X-Box and etc. and it will give much more defense power and then edit your base and buy these items. Air Defense towers attack on your enemy dragon and place this defense in center of your base and this Air Defense towers will be available at level 4. And Hidden Tesla will available at level 7, and it will attack on enemy archer and it has fastest speed to attack your enemy.

10. Whenever you upgrade your Town Hall you not only get more option but also get more building and some may be change and may be some are same keep your village redesign whenever it needed.

Defending your village of Clash of Clans at Higher Levels:


11. When you cross level 8 and reached at higher levels then you get many types of defending buildings and and types of troops and start doing investing your source on them and with these, don’t miss to upgrading your current defense and clan castle. Must upgrade your walls it best source for beat your enemy and to protect your village. And also start focusing on dark elixir which you get from winning battles. And by investing dark elixir you get Barbarian king and this king work as guard of your village and this will attack on your enemy troops and when reach level at 8 builds one more tower and place your clan castle and town hall at center of your base where they surrounded strongest walls.

12. Keep close your Air Defense and Hidden Tesla and get Air sweeper when it available and start attacking on enemy air borne.

13. Keep upgrading your all items

14 Upgrade your all new towers

15. Get the Archer Queen Altar and build it and place close to Barbarian king and they fight together against enemy.

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