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Before the great stock market boom of the week

Karachi Stock Exchange last week after consecutive losses already crossed the level of 50 thousand points this week.

Monday after the first day of the week strong gains and the KSE-100 index to 1565 points (3.2%) growth has reached 50121 points.

I am in favor of the banking sector and the overall business sector 5 million to 37 million shares were bought and sold.

KSE 100 worth of turnover of 28 million to 90 million shares of the companies included in the index to 17.2 billion rupees.

Also remained unchanged in the stock market were shares of 389 companies, 317 transactions that increase the value of the shares, the devaluation of the value of 53 and 19.

Most 2 million to 60 million shares of Bank of Punjab were selling 80 million shares of Rs 40 lakh and Aisha Steel Mills 2 million power cement, electric limited to business.

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