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A feature that is helpful to all of WhatsApp

What ever happened to you that you send a message to someone who does not want and can not take it back? Of course it was a mistake for us to be evacuated, but WhatsApp is now a solution to this problem.

WhatsApp is soon going to be adding a feature to its app for users who can return the wrong messages.

Through this feature, you can send messages to the person you after you have sent and deleted, which may delete messages they would never see them again.

This feature has been re-call (recall) which would delete the words, pictures, video and jfs (gifs) messages.

However, this feature can erase these messages in the same situation if it should be deleted within 5 minutes of being sent if a message was sent to 5 minutes passed, then it would be impossible to delete.

WhatsApp features a to test the site WhatsApp redirect the call feature will be added to your "2.17.30+" version.

This version has been added in the Play Store, but until now has not enabled this feature.

It is expected that WhatsApp will be made new and important feature introduced soon.

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