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32 Hidden Shortcut of Keyboard for all windows

Do you realize that you are very addicted to using mouse in Pc? Even everyone using mostly mouse than keyboard. Many of people’s thing that mouse easier than keyboard. Maybe they are right but in some case, they are wrong like some says mouse save time and some says that keyboard hard to use. 

But today after reading this article you will be clear in all thing that keyboard is time saving tool which save our time more than mouse because when we are using mouse for any setting changes we go there to change but keyboard we just dial shortcut keys and that’s all. And it is very easy to use if you memorize shortcut keys. Maybe you know or not that keyboard very powerful tool of our computers and it many works.

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Today we learn about keyboard shortcut keys which use in Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Office and etc. it also includes universal shortcut keys which works on various applications.

Here we Go:

These all shortcut keys which we described below it works on window 10. But mostly shortcut key of keyboard works on previous version of windows.

1. High Contrast:

For high contrast shortcut press SHIFT+ALT+PRINT and then popup a warning window you have to click YES for applying changes if you not want changes then click NO. if any problem happened after applying changes like desktop screen will turn black then reverse the shortcut process by pressing same shortcut keys and then revert the all changes which happened.

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2. Rotate Your Desktop Screen:
For rotating your desktop screen, you have to press CTRL+ALT+UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrow and it will rotate your desktop screen. But one more important thing is that I will not works on every computer because many machines does not support it. and it also depends on your pc graphic card and video driver. and you can also apply these changes from internal setting.

3. Switch Computers Open Windows:

For this shortcut, you have to press ALT+TAB to show all open programs and if you want move to the next app then apply this shortcut, hold the ALT key and then click TAB to move the applications and want to open the selected program then release both keys ALT AND TAB.

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4. Shortcut for Delete without any Confirmation:

Whenever you try to delete anything in your computer you always see popup window which ask you that you want to do this or not, it disturb a lot to us. If you bored from all these things want delete anything in your computer without asking any confirmation then apply this process and press SHIFT+DEL to delete anything in your pc quickly.

5. Press WINDOW KEY+D for showing desktop/restore open windows.

6. Lock your PC System:
Many time we have to leave our computer without shutdown so you want that no one see your programs or files in computer then use this shortcut key to lock your computer WINDOW KEY+L and after this when you come again to your pc you see your program and files whereas you left them.

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7. Run Command Prompt as Administrator in Your Computer:
Press Windows key + R and type cmd and hold CTRL+SHIFT, and then hit enter. To run command prompt as administrator in your computer. But it is not working in window 10 update but we have an alternative shortcut key and for that press Window key + X and use UP/DOWN arrow keys to move and hit enter.

8. Shutdown Shortcut keys:

We can also shutdown our pc by using shortcut keys and we also sleep, restart, sign out, sign in our computer by using shortcut keys of keyboard and for that press Windows key + X and it will open the quick access menu and then press U to expand the shutdown and press I to sign out U to shutdown, R for restart and S for sleep.


Now I am going to telling you about browser shortcut key which not only work in Chrome and Mozilla Firfox but it will work in another browser too.

Here we go now.

9. If you want to Jump any tab of your chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser then no worry and stop scrolling just remember the number of tab and follow this shortcut “Press CTRL + Tab from 1-9” for example you want to go on tab 8 the Press CTRL + 8.

10. If you want move through tabs of Chrome OR Mozilla Firefox browser then try this shortcut “Press CTRL + TAB” and if this not work then try this keyboard shortcut “Press CTRL + SHIFT + TAB”.

11.  For closing tabs try this keyboard shortcut “Press CTRL + F4”.

12. Many times happened that by mistake our important opened tab closed then also no worry I have also shortcut for that one and that is “CTRL + SHIFT + T”.

13. Try F11 on your browser to toggle full screen.

14. For Page Up and Page Down on any website try this shortcut keys “SPACEBAR OR SHIFT + SPACEBAR.


In Microsoft office we found PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, Outlook and word. There shortcut keys you found below.

15. If you selected text in PowerPoint and you to want change their font size and you are using mouse for that, then stop and let try this shortcut key “ALT + H, F AND S”.

16. If you complete your presentation or any other thing and you want beautify it with picture then save your time and apply this shortcut “ALT + N, P.

17. You are not liking default theme on PowerPoint and want to change then apply this shortcut keys “ALT + G, H.

18. For insert shape then try this shortcut keys “ALT + H, S, H.

19. Want to change slide layout Press “ALT + H, L.

20. Try this shortcut “CTRL + W” to close spreadsheet and if you want to open this then try “CTRL + O.

21. Try this shortcut “ALT + H, H” to choose a fill color.

22. For writing new message in outlook try this shortcut to reach fast “CTRL + SHIFT + M.

23. Now want to send this message immediately then don’t waste time on mouse just apply this shortcut “ALT + S.

24. You receive any message in outlook and for Reply try this shortcut keys “ALT + H, R, P.

25. You write any message in outlook and you want insert any file then try this shortcut “ALT + N, A, F.

26. And for forward try this “ALT + H, F, W.

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27. “CTRL + M” this shortcut for opening new OneNote window.

28. “CTRL + ALT + D” For dock the OneNote windows.

29. If you want close any document or any active window on WORD then try this shortcut key for it “CTRL + W

30. “CTRL + SHIFT + A” This shortcut for Format all letters as capitals.

31. If you complete any document or any project and you are going to save it by using mouse then stop and try this one “ALT, F, A.

32. “ALT, W, F” This for full screen mode.

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