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10 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips 2017

There are over one billion users WhatsApp worldwide and is enhanced most of the use of the app, but many people enjoy the use of this app are familiar with the exciting Tricks in.

We are telling you about a trick that might work here.

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1. Bold, italic, strike through
You can also now be decorating your text in WhatsApp.
Bold: * upon a word as bold if you want to put it back and forth * example *.
Italic: Add _ _ _ Start your word and end the greeting.
Strike through: Start your word and in turn increase the peace ~ ~ ~.

2. Blue tick over
Open WhatsApp, settings, go to Account and then Privacy, then check out the Red receipt. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see that other people have read your messages or not.

3. Blue will be displayed in the message Tick
When you receive a message airplane mode, open and read messages. Blue tick in front of the sender will not come again until you open WhatsApp.

4. Save chat history
Settings Chat and chat before going to backup. configure your chat settings that can include backup weekly or monthly basis and whether it be videos.

5. Sending big heart
Heart Emoji find the chat and then send it without a word or Emoji.

6. To transfer files from the computer and phone
A group, including a friend in the then delete, so that you will be left alone in this group. Now WhatsApp Web open and be visible through the QR code, after which the media file through like WhatsApp group and move it into the computer, or open a chat then transfer files from the computer.

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7. 15 MB to send large file
Of file sharing capabilities are limited to WhatsApp. Rear, zip, pdf, executives, and an AP cannot share a file in the file while it should also be up to 15 MB of files. Cloud Sand here (CloudSend) does the app work. Please upload the file to the app and the link to the user. When they can easily download the file, then click on it.

8. Change the number of WhatsApp.
Most other WhatsApp users can see your phone number, but you have to uninstall and re-install it to change the number you have several mobile phones. However, there is an easy way to do it. The settings on the accounts nuts ¿there will be the option to change the number of WhatsApp on it. There will be two fields. Enter your old number and the new number in the first field and click Dunn. After investigating this new number to your conversation WhatsApp will move to the new number.

9. Last Sen (Last Seen) Close feature
To turn off this feature by going on the last accounts ¿San nut buttons and activate the necessary changes.

10. Replace your friend's profile picture
Go to your friend's contacts and copy number, take a photo and then paste your friend's number on it, and uncheck the plus or define. Now I will paste a friend's WhatsApp profile picture and change the profile image.

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