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Will Salman Khan's 'Tube Light' will be released in Pakistan?

Bollywood actor Salman Khan are eagerly awaiting this year released the film "tube light, a fan and then everyone wants to know what it will be kept up to release the film in Pakistan?

Recently some kind of news came out that the Pakistani producers Kabir Khan directed movie 'Tube Light, which has tried to show the country that is going to release on Eid local films more make better business, including actor Sean's "surge" and Sohail Khan's film 'noise alcohol.

On the other hand, it also reports that Bollywood actor Salman Khan and director Kabir Khan has said that the film Tube Light, which will then be released on Eid in Pakistan has not released it again in Pakistan.

Recently Salman Khan at a press conference in Dubai film song 'Radio Song ' The release , where Kabir Khan dismissed such speculation.

He said the thing I do not think it should be some kind of reaction or response on rumors.

Bollywood Life reports of Kabir Khan said, "If we manage to talk about a Pakistani producer of the film, I must lie some speculation, convinced some producers that if no other film them you can find better opportunities, if they believe that such a film would be the best business we can release the film later in Pakistan.

They talk of Pakistani fans saying "I feel that my films are like feeling in Pakistan that are big fans of Pakistan Salman Khan, much to the business at the box office we glad that there are people from the film Bajrangi brother got much love, hope Tube Light to get much lovee.

The film , tube light, this year will be showcased in theaters on June 23.

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