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Why do some people sweat too much?

Although I am sweating is a natural process that helps to cool the body, but your body flowing more water than others, it looks pretty bad.

But why is it and why do some people sweat too much? This is because some of the various medical research reports.

Researchers have explained the reasons 4.

The first reason is that men sweat more than women do.

Similarly, it also causes more sweat, the sweat comes less than those who engage in physical activity if you are away from exercise.

Similarly, one reason is that if you are overweight you should be physically ready for the more sweat, while three percent of people in the world are suffering from the condition called Hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating them.

The researchers believe genes could also be a reason for this.

However, as has been told that he is the natural process of sweating to cool the body does not really care that much water flow.

If you do not worry too much sweat is not a sign of any disease and are healthy.

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