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Why do I forget things quickly

Los Angeles: It is possible that a memorandum to remember every little thing so sharp gorge later years, and it is likely that one forgets a name until a day later.

Weak memory of the millions of people, they are quickly forgotten things and names, but they do not know why?

Of course, the problem there will be no solution in the medical world, but the question is that the person forgets things and why?

I do not remember the name and other information are also good people occasionally shame has become, but no fault of the person to forget things, according to experts.

University of California Los Angeles says Professor Dr. Dean BanoMano the neurobiology no fault of the man in a hurry to forget some things, it is the problem of human evolution.

Dr. Dean, the human mind, the Universe contains a very sophisticated device called the ', which very small insects, such as mites, prison, or specific sites and tools to quickly decay BanoMano, one to another we exchange information.

Dr. Dean that sometimes do not work properly on the device equipment Universe or many more things in mind, and the person becomes upset, because it did not have information from one system to another system banomano said.

Rather small and difficult things neurobiology expert say it is more able to remember a name or number in mind, big and simple things that are common and simple.

According to him, this process does not make a person intentionally, but also exchange information with each other from the system in mind is not being, and it is entirely due to the creation of the 
human mind Is.

The creation of the human mind is such that he never said Dr Dean bunumano occasionally move from one location to another due to internal problems.

He gave the example that if a person is traveling in an airplane, and the person sitting next to him tell his name Baker when talking to him, so it is possible not to miss several weeks after the man of his words are, except that his name was Baker.

Dr. Dan bunumano have another doctor that if the same person a second time by traveling on the plane, and says that career after revealing his name John Baker told the person sitting next to them.

Dr. Dan bunumano that some weeks after John Baker, then that person will not recall the name, but it will be remembered that he was talking with a doctor.

University of California Professor Kelly said that these examples prove one thing instead of the brain remembers little thing.

For example, the first man's name, was easy, therefore remember, second man was hard and long, that his profession was very short, simple and general.

In the same way the human brain remembers everything, or digits, making it easy and short.

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