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WhatsApp service suspended for several hours

No one knows that it was due to hacker attack or a technical error actually occurred WhatsApp network. (Photo: File)

Silicon Valley: was suspended last night across the WhatsApp service hours that have been restored some time ago, but experts still do not know why it was not possible to suspend the service. 

WhatsApp spokesperson worldwide service suspension, saying it was a momentary disruption apologize to our customers who have been away but it was not told the reason.

The WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 while the number of users worldwide has reached one billion 20 million. 

WhatsApp in the history of the world when it is the first time the service has been suspended for several hours. WhatsApp said that by making certain not say more mysterious to me about it because no one knows whether it was caused by hacker attacks or really place a mechanical problem in the global network of WhatsApp a.

News agency says that it is India, Canada, WhatsApp service in some areas of the United States and Brazil now suspended.

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