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WhatsApp has left behind all over again

WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular in the world but it has left behind Skype and other video calling apps.

The company also announced that WhatsApp users are spending too much time on your video calls.

One billion are daily users spend more than 340 million minutes of video calls while still more than 55 million video calls in a day.

WhatsApp on with her mail has finally crossed the landmark video calling Android app.

Now it seems the voice calling feature menu.

The figures of the WhatsApp feature of video calling around to introduce released six months later.

The company introduced this feature last year, WhatsApp also said that he wants to reach all consumers in countries where the internet speed is not good flagships or less people.

Now, six months later and it seems that Watts slow Internet feature Cheap smartphones strategy has proven successful because the app is easy to use.

Recently, it was revealed that WhatsApp has stolen the snap feature stories or chat status of Snap chat was more than the number of users.

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