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What should you do if the dog does attack?

What would you do if you come from a place to be alone and suddenly passed from the front or behind the dog barking and running?

They will be terrified because the dog is an animal that aggressive behavior is fairly common, often struck people and dogs on humans in a country like Pakistan.

The fact is that dogs can be dangerous to attack the concept of injection gives a draw.

However, if a dog aggressively increase your behalf by experts on these suggestions you can keep yourself safe.

Be terrified:
Let us realize that it is regarded dogs and other animals fear, even though the dog aggressive, but it is difficult to remain calm when moving towards you cry, can make worse his arm concussion or jogging circumstances because it I will pass your hunting dog and will attack.

Light speed turn:
If you're jogging facing dog and began to walk in the opposite direction to turn the momentum back light, but what must be the corner of my eye to see the dog. Similarly, if the dog loses interest if you stand absolutely still, put your arm on the side and goes away.

Do not take eyes dog eyes:
Can increase direct eye contact dog's aggressive behavior is, in fact, dogs are considered to be dangerous and can attack, keep it in the dog but avoiding eye in her eyes, found the dog's signals will that you will not run the risk that potentially leave your soul.

Carried the dog's attention:
May actually be helpful in any single case in hand, give him something to chew, such as shoe, bottle or anything, it would wander for a moment the dog's attention and you exit will find.

Away from the dog:
If the dog to behave facing this while still avoiding eye aggressive are the eyes and vocal Make sure that you leave it there, that should be strong and confident voice throat exit, this the most effective words with strong accents are 'no' and 'go back', that can frighten the dog and he will be gone.

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