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What is the worst social media app for health?

If bad news is that social media app called it the worst of all to have a negative impact on the mental health of youth If you prefer to use Instagram.

The claim came in a study in the UK.

Royal Society of Public Health said the research underscores the photo sharing app different negative mental effects including sleep youth.

14 of approximately 24 years and a half thousand people, according to the survey on the best social media app which YouTube Twitter, Facebook chat and snap the second, third and fourth respectively.

According to the study, it would help youth connect with one another that is considered social media apps that, in fact, have mental health problems.

During the research on every social media site mental anxiety, depression, loneliness, proofed over 14 health and personal problems, including sleep and slang.

Rating is based shows that the negative impact to the Instagram app, but it was the better of the expression and recognition of emotions.

In the research that use of Facebook is at the forefront of slang, with negative effects on sleep and emotional support, but this is positive for the community.

The researchers used the social media to become more addictive than cigarettes that can not be ignored, which has now become an integral part of young people's lives.

While on the other hand react to this research Instagram said in a statement that they want to save space and support your platform.

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