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Top Amazing Tips to living quiet and pleasant life

We are all human and we are bound to mourn the past and future concerns.

In this short article, you have a unique way of tracking who centuries old but modern science has recognized its usefulness anew. Put it in English in Mind Full Ness' (Mindfulness) are present aerobics, which can be translated into Urdu, the current time, the time, came to mind in the present moment of life.

Never stop stream of ideas in the human mind. Goes another comes after an idea. So then, the more bitter and sad memories of the past have upset us too grief and the fear of possible future failures. If they consider both past and future times only found in our mind, because the past is now passed only in the memories of our mind, and future come not only perceptions of our estimates and ideas the form can mainstream.

Contemporary life is to live each moment of aerobics is the time to focus on the current situation, because actually it's just that they would really exist. The most important time is now (now). It is true that it is very easy to say, but in practice do not work hard enough. Bosch is not only present in the barrier structure of our brain, mind and memory, but also to create difficulties for us in the core of our existence and map genes (genes) in this regard. However, constant practice, the ability to focus and strength can be obtained intentionally.

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The human brain (brain) is the physical body, which is the result of evolution millions of years that we can say hardware (hardware) the computer language, the human mind (mind) which is stored in our memories of it from software can compare. The mind is the center of feeling, thinking, and understand concepts like capabilities. Here it is important to mention that not all of the same mind. Like other organs are not perfect and have their flaws too. Sigmund Freud's view that our structure is our destiny, it is true that in general terms to any person of his mental and physical structure, can easily grow beyond the capacity of mental maps and jeans.

Jeans, according to Richard Dawkins (Richard Dawkins) who are self-molecule (Molecule) who want to survive at any cost. These genes do what we jealousy, envy, anger and grief determine the ratio of human emotions or other words more accurate. With pre-defined properties are affected style jeans We are constantly on the environment and impact. So, we built descending like product in the world, but our personality sees growth in our individual experiences and events. So, in simple terms is a combination of our lives interact with our bodies and minds and skills and distinguishing the environment. This environment gives us too much wisdom teaches skills that once the countless sad memories there.

Frustrated about such unpleasant memories of the poet compelled to pray or curse it that I said

Remember, Lord, art the punishment
away from me in my memory

But scientifically, to be carried out can be erased some memories out of certain parts of the human brain, but it is not possible to make a list before operation and from just unpleasant memories of the brain, according to the list. The man has to live with all your life memories.

If the negative thoughts enter your mind should be fully aware of them and accept them with an open heart. This can make your awareness, calm and delight your mental awareness and life force to recognize these conditions and the main goal of the present aerobics.

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Bosch to stay here you will need to exercise as well as exercise to keep the body healthy. These exercises will give you all the attention, so soon you will get better achievement.

Few attend aerobics exercises are:
  • The basic philosophy here is that what you're doing aerobics focus on it. You can attend aerobics exercise any part of your work throughout your dayThis may also be the basis of minor work, such as cleaning teeth, to comb, to iron clothes or cycling etc.
  • A proven method is to focus on your breathingIf at any time day or night in the comfort of breath, chest stop and deleteJust keep breathing full attentionIt will start at the beginning it will feel different ideas perverted mind, but no need to panic, attention focused again by breathing and continue practicingThis is only the beginning of the daily practice of aerobics skills appear to be still for three minutes.
  • Attend different for different people use aerobics exerciseThe attention focused on listening to music, zyrubm singer voice and music.
Attend any training option for learning aerobics please, just the main goal should be exposed, i.e. stay immersed in your thoughts and to live life by staying physically and mentally fully present in the moment to cover up. It is delivered from the bondage of our negative thoughts acquisition is a valuable capability. Until this capability is not achieved, they will come from ideas in mind and we live according to them. The ability of our mind seems to work our will.
Background Although there are negative thoughts after the aerobics capacity, but we lose the ability to take effect. Attend aerobics which is the mental awareness that man lives life more vigorously. Only the day before sunrise on the day that we know we are awakened aerobics.

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