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Top 7 best features of Windows 10

The Microsoft Windows 10 tablets, it is capable to work in the same way on desktop computers and other devices.

To know about the best features of this new system is not without interest.

1.       Start Menu
Apparently, it is a small thing, but Microsoft in Windows 8 Start screen removed from the Start menu, which had provoked intense criticism from users and came to them. Now she is back with great style Start Menu in Windows 10, but some changes have been made. Live tiles for open applications will appear in the form of embedded column and will make it easier to find the applications in use at an embedded search bar.

2.       Cortana
Microsoft will be familiar to users of personal digital assistant, for which they use Siri or Google Now Apple, but there is a big difference. Cortana works on your desktop computer and then you can find anything on the Internet and cloud from your hard drive.

3.       Microsoft Age
Microsoft Internet Explorer has finally made a part of this place saying goodbye to a new web browser for Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge browser graphic rendering web pages open much faster than the Internet Explorer. In addition, there is also something that can pose a threat to Google Chrome.

4.       Quantum
Windows 10 automatically on any device screen size will according to the screen display and sensing feature called the quantum. It will automatically move to the desktop mood to show something on a large screen smartphone and the PC, your phone will offer similar experience.

5.       Windows 10 uniformly for all devices
Phones and the tablets will be like a new operating system, desktop computers, and the notifications and settings menu has been improved and the video chat software because the best thing Windows 10 for Mobile is connecting to Skype phone software will be available in both app and messages.

6.       Try Xbox apps
Microsoft has done for Xbox Windows 10 is trying to create real social networks, which include many services. In terms of gaming is like Facebook, but the photos will be here to share the same focus on the games.

7.       Windows holographic

As Microsoft's desire to take over the minds of consumer’s hologram that they want to go to Mars or want to visit your country? Through the windows holographic feature is a great feature of the new operating system that can do this.

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