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Three-D images possible to cross the wall to Wi-Fi

Walls or look across the X-ray uyrn a legendary idea that dreams are the man for decades but for centuries but has now found its true shape.

Yes German scientists have Wi-Fi technology has developed to see through walls across which people will be able to take the three-D images.

The technology side wall of a hologram or a three-D picture will be taken.

Munich Technical University experts have discovered this method and will be according to their scanned through basically any room via WiFi transmission technology.

He said that currently the technology trial stages and limited resolution image can be taken, but work on making it better.

Then he added about a cup now if the table in this technology, you will not see, but there's something that will be able to know the structure, but you can give someone the structure configuration or in simple words the volume four centimeters can take a picture of everything.

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The US Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that the software can be used to track the fluctuations in Wi-Fi to help identify human shadows across the wall and develop their activities.

The software in 2017 is expected to be introduced in the market.

However, German scientists say that someone did not yet used to create a three-D hologram-room Wi-Fi.

How to use this technology, which has been shown in a YouTube video that you can see below.

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