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The engineer got 'intelligent t-shirt' invention

Quebec is headed by Professor Yunus Mossadegh in Canada University of Laval experts have been invented an intelligent T-shirt that can be not only monitors your speed to wear respiratory and washed several times.

The aim is to keep an eye on respiratory diseases through respiration(respiratory diseases) and diagnosed asthma, insomnia and various respiratory diseases.

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The journal 'sensors' fresh issue in a hollow visual fibers, according to the published details of this unique T-shirt is in sleep a little, soft and flexible type of antenna on the chest area (optical) of which there is a strong but flexible outer layer of polymer on the outside to protect the environment while the silver plated layer on the inner surface.

These sensors simultaneously does two things: The chest expander and shrink based on breathing speed Note that the note was placed on the computer to which is also broadcast measurements in the form of wireless signals with or can be received on the user's smartphone.

Respiratory consistent with other methods and do not wire the new Smart T-shirt against made in the past other Smart T-shirts on speed, while not brqyrh or sensors that directly touches the human body is so comfortable it not to ban the wearing sit up in a particular manner. Professor says Jonah, 'be given our experience shows that it (T-shirt) will not interrupt the natural movements of the wearer and perform the routines similar stand wearing it, getting up, sitting and walking are like wearing an ordinary T-shirt. '

Experiences during this T-shirt was washed over 20 times, but having water and washing powder too long this T-shirt and nothing worked like this before.

Now experts are seeking institutions that develop on a commercial scale using this new Smart T-shirts to sell to clinical use.

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Professor Yunus Mossadegh

 is from Laval University, Quebec Faculty of Scienceand Engineering Center for optics, photonics and lasers, while, Canada Excellence Research Chair have the high honor of photonic Innovations'.

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