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Tea and coffee is beneficial to what extent?

Hot coffee and tea drinks to combat the worldwide popularity and can not be.

Are the benefits of these beverages and the like are enough people that do not like excessive use of tea.

However, if someone takes your coffee, tea leaves have come changes in the body or saying that what better drink them?

More shiny teeth
Coffee is notorious for putting stains on the teeth, so instead of tea would take glittering over your smile to give priority, especially if you prefer green tea or milk tea, using tea according to medical experts we do not seem to have stained teeth as people think.

Reduction in Cholesterol
Quite often if the filter is not like espresso so that the contents of that level of harmful LDL cholesterol to go healthy body can potentially increase which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke in , do not use tea in this competition but may also improve cholesterol levels.

Headache ہVna
It depends that how sensitive your body with regard to change and you are accustomed to using much caffeine, which gives it enough to be the move to tea take you to the most headaches, However, the body could adapt to this change created when the symptoms disappear.

Improve irritation in the chest
The coffee relax the muscle between the esophagus and stomach, so when that happens it causes irritation in the back chest the above acidic fluid in the stomach, if often complain of coffee used tea is in the alternative amounts of caffeine is very low.

Better Sleep
Since the amount of caffeine in coffee than tea in the distance it can help you achieve good sleep, because caffeine causes insomnia and wake Bay.

Will avoid stiff muscles
Too much coffee in a little amount of absorption of the mygnysm from other sources for the body, although it is hard enough even mineral, looks more complaints which resulted in muscle stiffness, so the tea it gives you protection from these effects.

Change in mood
According to various reports, reduces the risk of substantial use mood pleasant and depression, tendency to commit suicide two to four cups daily coffee drink individuals, according to a study by Harvard University is at 50 percent, tea by comparison the choice you are deprived of these benefits.

Reduce the risk of cancer
Was causing clinical liver coffee research reports and reduce the risk of bowel cancer, but tea also reduces the risk of stomach, pancreatic, breast and other cancers, as well as two types, although more research in this regard. Required.

Better wishful thinking
Well you have that helps you, but enough to keep the water level in the body heard, your body is able to retain a third of the fluid in a cup of coffee, but since there is less caffeine in tea, so he is the case, if appropriate dizziness if the water level in the body, is facing problems such as dry skin and bodily functions are working better.

Note: This article is for general information. Readers should also consult your doctor know about it.

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