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Sleep within 10 minutes with the use of electronic device

There are millions of people in the world who do not even wanting to sleep much, they lie on the bed, get involved in different views.

Sleep is actually not to have a mental illness, which are precipitated several major diseases, why sleep experts essential for the human body, mind and growth of health.

Technology Co., SANA, said the issue has developed an intelligent electronic device to control, and the only person who will sleep within 10 minutes.

The company developed from wear smart 'device like headphone health SANA known in the world of dreams is the person inside 10 minutes.

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The device that the company claims will be the place, where used, it will work the same way, the way it works on the bed.

The company said after the tool developed was tested, different individuals that trip, were tested on athletes and other committed people, who found that wearing the headphones are people within 10 minutes inside there is sleep.

The company has tested at least 700 people by March 2017 to February 2016, this device, which was successful, after which the company started to collect funds for the preparation of this tool.

According to the company at the end of May 2017 gathered funds to $ 13 million, which the company is now engaged in the task of preparing the device.

SANA said the team will be present in the device will be sold worldwide by mid-2018, initially priced at $ 400 device.

The idea that tool making company CEO disabled, who were suffering from various diseases, including losing his legs in a car accident, for which he used the technique to avoid

Top How does it work?
The company has become the leading outdoor wear off, which interrupted in most human sleep.

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Alla wear, where external light is closed, the device's audio sound system reach those parts of the brain, which are helpful in getting sleep.

The headphones H RV named sensors are engaged, which fluctuated provide these parts Visual Audio waves or sound mind reviewing the volatility ideas, born in the human brain and nervous problems or issues are found.

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