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Singer Justin Bieber has quit visited India

Mumbai:  The famous pop singer Justin Bieber heat left South Africa to quit India tour.

Singer Justin Bieber arrived in Mumbai on May 9 for the concert in India where he attended the concert and had to go to Delhi and Agra for the purpose of leisure trips to the Mumbai heat forced the singer to leave immediately for India .

According to Indian media reports, Justin Bieber Many celebrities in honor of the singer when preparing was also established for the concert in Mumbai wanted to Agra to see the Taj Mahal were also dinner but Mumbai's heat Young singer after the concert are forced to leave India.

Justin also the heat had already expressed that he tsauyryn to change where I went straight to the airport rather than the hotel after the concert when he found out the flight to South Africa shirt at the airport the singer during a concert in Mumbai  they are making rapid viral on social media.

The Indians on quf singer Justin Bieber made on a live concert in Mumbai and just lips are moving on several songs.

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