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Self Start introduces new 150 cc Honda motorcycle


Atlas Honda Limited Release the 150 cc bike model in Pakistan.

GM plants Atlas Honda Ahmed's new 150 cc Honda motorcycle has been built on self-start and innovative technology that has the best rides and identical fuel-saving features, in addition protect the Pakistani consumer needs and F. whereas the ECB has other security strengths turbo engine technology, ASV and AC V engine, multiple roller Bearings, including non-Bikes transmission and other features for powerful backup battery equipped brsz spark, gear shift. The dye kastd AZ Country section aspukz Chromalloy are best suited for Indian roads.

Also includes many important security features have been, as well as front disc brakes, the car like speed meter, the stronger part of the backside protection, pratyksn China and relaxed travel bike keeping local needs . The price of this bike in Pakistan is Rs 60 lakh.

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