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See the Facebook logo on it happens with you?

You have to consider the impact on the brain than ever that people have a facebook?

If you do not know that something like this up bearing the logos of the minds of the world's most popular social networking site like addicted to smoking people feel the cravings of addiction.

The claim came in a study in the Netherlands.

The coverage of university research that proves sufficient to produce the same intense desire to see the Facebook logo to the people online.

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According to research, people are increasingly accustomed to the extent of obsession and addiction 
Social media is like chocolate cravings or nicotine (tobacco component).

The study reviewed the online habits of 200 people, which found that often creates the logo so happy impression of people who use Facebook, which is influenced by a desire not to use social media resistance becomes very difficult.

According to research site alcohol or tobacco addiction that builds more than smoking and can be harmful to your mental health.

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During the study, volunteers were shown various images including Facebook logo.

The results revealed that Facebook members who use the photos to social media seeing the logo showing positive responses to the Facebook logo and the experience of being forced to reveal the desire to use it within the he asked.

Results shows that Facebook is creating intense desire within people to use the site logo.

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