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Qatar completes first air-conditioned World Cup stadium

Launched the world's first air conditioned Stadium two days before the World Cup 2022 in Qatar, venue of the first World Cup in Qatar.

With high-quality cooling technology which has been Khalifa International Stadium installation has become the world's first fully air-conditioned stadium as the fans whose purpose is to provide a quiet and cool environment in hot weather diameter.

The country's biggest domestic cup competition with the completed stadium will host the "rich final.
The stadium was first built in 1976 and has been extended twice, with extensive renovation ever since.

The stadium seating capacity of 40 thousand people, where it will host matches of the final round of the World Cup.

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Advanced cooling system installed in the stadium, fans will provide a pleasant environment and will maintain the temperature at 23 degrees Celsius.

Dr. Saud Ghani believes this system to create a university that no one on earth like an open-air stadium where there was air conditioned and it will use 40% less electricity than ordinary systems.

The sweltering weather in diameter to be held in November instead of June and July World Cup and December months.

This was the first to qualify for the stadium where the diameter of the 1992 victory of their football team won the Gulf Cup of 1992, while the same ground as Saudi Arabia beat Iran first World Cup.

The stadium renovation and an amount of $ 10 billion to reduce the diameter of the World Cup, where they spent nearly $ 90 million on a new building construction field and training ground will spend.

More than 13 million people in World Cup Qatar 2022 World Cup organizing committee, claiming that the official will go to Qatar, where the country's population of nearly 26 million people.

Remember that in 2014 more than 10 million people in the world was facing Brazil to enjoy the event matches.

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