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Power is drawn from the volcanic activity in Iceland

Iceland:  Iceland in the Renewable (Renewable) is an important country to use energy sources but now the news is that there has also been trying to create electricity from the heat of the volcano.

Using this for Iceland experts have drilling (drilling) at a depth of five kilometers inside temperature can be made to the extraordinary power of this. This action may be taken using the geothermal heat energy which is naturally in the ground by working to keep it cool or warm houses or electricity.

Now here is building a geothermal power plant has been named Hans and the rack area is known as the salinisation god of thunder and lightning. Currently Iceland is generated from geothermal sources 25 percent of its electricity needs.

But the idea that no drilling within 5 kilometers of extremely warm earth easy process. The project was launched in August last year and was completed after 8 months. No hot water in the depth of the liquid nor gas, but it is the 'super heated Water'. The 5 compared to a gas and oil well will be able to get 10 times more energy.

Salinisation of the volcano woke up last time 700 years ago and it is still looked like a dormant volcano, while the Moon's surface.

The experts will also emit carbon dioxide and sulfur in geothermal energy that warned that may be harmful for the environment. In this context, Iceland is going further investigation.

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