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Positive effects of music on brain

Positive effects of music on brain

New York: If music is the universal language, and many people have too much choice is, however, a recent study has found that it is beneficial to human health.

Before the investigation was even music experts called for better human health.
California's Stanford University School of Medicine experts is the most recent being found in a study that was able to absorb things faster Classical music listeners in mind, which increases brain capacity .

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Experts gave lectures on the subject for an hour a group of students to experience the effects of classical music on the 2 groups of young students, but operated with light classical music sound during the lecture.

The second group of students was too late to lecture on the same topic, but has not played music during his lecture.

Experts repeated several times with both groups of students in the process, after which experts F MRI tests minds of students in both groups.

Test results showed that the students lectures were conducted in classical music background, his mind was, when I listen to the lectures of the students without musical mind still active.

According to experts, the students heard lectures with a background of classical music, where his mind was able to absorb all light and difficult things, there were change their feelings.

Experts told the students to other types of music, but classical music According to experts, the human mind, a good impact on memory and ahsa sun.

It is the set of 2016 I found the results of Canada's Mick Gail University of Montreal medical research were 400 students from the music not only good effects on the human mind and memory, but other health for even better.

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According to the report published in the Journal of Cell Science 400 results were found to increase the morale of students who listen to music and the pressure is lower.

According to the results of the growing commitment of people who listen to music society, while also improving their physical growth.

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