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Police in Dubai have started the first robot

Dubai City:  Dubai crimes have made the first robot soldier who will soon take over his responsibilities.

The project will further Dubai's road patrol. Rubukup is 5 feet 5 inches tall is that people can understand facial expressions. The purpose of this currently while they can write reports if the offense is to receive a traffic ticket and a fine.

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By 2030 it is planned to be made 25% Dubai Police Dubai Police official robots able to speak different languages ​​and have different functions. Emirati robot police force was recently decided in a Gulf security conference which will last for three days.

Smart, Director of the Dubai Police General Brigadier General Khaled Nasr Razzaq said, "the world's first robot soldier issue is a significant milestone for the emirate's history and the vision of Smart City technology is an important step."

A police officer brygydyyrabdallh Dubai Sultan said more robots will be part of Dubai in the future. 
The police officer robot can recognize faces of people from 20 meters distance. Has installed a touch screen on its chest may file using a public report. This report is forwarded immediately to the police call center.

Similarly, a D-2030 DNA data bank will be made. 

In preparation robot soldier Dubai, Google, and IBM supercomputer has played a role.

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