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Only 5 minutes to charge a smartphone battery

 Tel Aviv: 
 Smart Phone Smart to charge the battery in just 5 minutes will be offered for sale next year.
A new Israeli company (startup) asturdat "has developed from the flash and battery production will begin in 2018. The company introduced a cartridge model two years ago.

The battery has two nanometers wide, which is a special type of crystal and mounted named 'nynudats. 

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It can increase 10 times the crystal any battery utility. The electrode serves as the Power Capacitors to collect crystals while on an edge.

The crystal of lithium battery charge rapidly and at the other end sends such a phone battery can be charged in just 5 minutes. 
The company is also successful demonstration of charging in several international exhibitions.

Flash organic compounds in the battery is mixed with nano materials, instead of traditional ways are charged very quickly. 

The company has launched a video in the Flash battery There are those who make use of a kitchen near 40. The boxes are small chains of amino acids called pyptayydz.

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