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Oil fried chicken recipe

How to prepare chicken fried without oil

Fried chicken , including food lovely and tasty among all. Crunchy and taste are the heart of the attractive points of this food is popular. Among the mass popularity that fried chicken is a big drawback to it is that excessive use of oil for frying it. The food in the house except for a large fee that could be due to the consumption of oil on your hands have a lot of harm to health. So today we're going to recipe different from it to show you that it does not require large amounts of oil , and in the meantime taste nice too. This type of chicken that no oil is being produced in the oven. First, look at The ingredients necessary to prepare the chicken :

Ingredients for the preparation of fried chicken in the oven without oil: 

One breast of chicken without bones

Ghada Khoury three tablespoons of yogurt Review

A packet of crisps potatoes flavored

A spoonful of powdered thyme Srkhaly

Salt to the extent necessary

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