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Now iphone case will make coffee for you

Italy sent the company may also have a casing which is made as the busiest people quickly, Photos, courtesy mukas Company

Italy:  rejoice too eager gentlemen because they can get enough from your cell phone casings.
Italy A company has made it its casing and the invention (patent pending). Casing price 87 dollars or Pakistani rupees have been allocated 9 thousand.

In which the casing is placed in a small kpsul enough seeds need water to make delicious coffee. As soon as you touch a button on the app begins to remove sufficient heat from a hole in the casing and the inner casing system keeps the coffee hot. Slide out the seeds and coffee after coffee is putting the wafer.

This device can be prepared coffee anywhere and anytime.

The casing is water and sufficient seeds are kept in a case that makes instant coffee.Which is also opening a pop-up cup of coffee poured case you can eat. Currently available in three different flavors and enough heat is generated casing for the iPhone, Samsung and Huawei phone specific brands.

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