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Nokia 3310 available in the market again

Mobile phone company Nokia has finally made his successful 3310 introduction of the mobile phone again which is available for sale in the markets today.

Nokia 3310 sales of the company was terminated in 2005 and this time it has sold more than 126 million sets.

This phone also cost much less than earlier estimates, however, know that it features.

This time the phone design is different than before the screen was too colorful.

The new design is more beautiful than ever with a 2.4 inch screen while the phone was an increase of 2 megapixel LED flash camera.

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And that was not the end but the microUSB charging port, headphone jack, 16 MB storage microSD card can be expanded up to 32 GB of storage, while the blue are the toothpaste, such as raising the Wi-Fi no GPS etc.

But still you can run on the 2.5 G Internet calls, FM Radio, MP III Player, part of the text and Snack Game.

And this battery is more powerful than ever and continuing a month, while the standby time can be up to 22 hours on one charge calls.

The average price is 52 dollars or over Rs 5,200 worldwide, will determine in Pakistan after local taxes and duties.

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