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New LG smart mobile phone images leaked

South Korean company LG is constantly engaged in the manufacture of a new smart mobile phone to mobile phones failure or low sales.

It is not yet clear that LG will be offered for sale when the new cell, however, is in the early stages of the photos shows that the company just now, because of the leaked photos design mobile.

Leaked images of LG Smart Mobile LG V-30, which is part of the series of the company.

Mobile pictures mobile first reporter Avon blas social networking site Twitter has been shared, after which several news agencies, more photos design also mobile.

LG's mobile Basel equipped mobile device to which an additional screen will be pulled out through the slide, social apps and keyboard can be used to screen out through the slide.

With dual cameras will be manufactured in different colors, including golden mobile, the call may also be changes in preparation.

The idea that l was in a cell 2015 G series that LG TV was 10 his name, while the LG V-20 came in 2016, and both sets were not successful.

LG V, both mobile as well as a little square at the top of the screen bezel and equipped with dual screen, V-20 5.7-inch HD IPS LCD display cue, that app shortcuts, shows notifications and more.

This screen is the battery saver is useful to prevent the opening of the primary display, the user can completely stop it even.

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Could not count the LG television something other smart mobile 20 big selling smart phones lists over the last 2 years, including series mobiles, therefore, will present the company V 30 more efficiently.

The mobile designer and care of people who look at technology and slide-out bezel equipped design mobile are more successful.


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