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NASA has announced plans to send a spacecraft to the satellite

California:  NASA has announced plans to send a spacecraft to the satellites became platinum and gold (asteroid) in the summer of 2022.

According to NASA satellite is made of gold and platinum, including iron and zinc (nickel), was interesting is that this satellite is not far away but also circulating in the satellite belt between Mars (Mars) and Jupiter (Jupiter), which was created in less than a million years of the birth of our sun. asteroid NASA research will help you learn the history of the solar system.

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Gold, NASA has made a discovery mission of the spacecraft sent to satellites that will be sent to Earth in 2022 and after 4 years will reach asteroid in 2026, satellites named '16 Saiki, rosary of silver and platinum materials.

According to experts, 16 Psychotropic a combination of precious metals, which is the most valuable commodity in our neighborhood. 

For this reason, investors wanted to see but it regrets that the satellites would be too expensive to bring to become the self-destruction of the entire economic system.

NASA dig on asteroid and mining space but still have not made any plans to extract gold mine has come into existence to mining companies and two satellites. Planetary Resources is the second of a deep-space industry in which its sights on 2011 UW158. It is a small satellite that gold is double the Tower of London and the gold of 5 trillion dollars.

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