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Motorola exposed to cheap smartphones

Motorola has introduced its highly Low Price smartphones.

Fatty small and cheap devices demand plus the motto of the phones have been developed to developing countries is very high.

Both phones have been two megapixel camera on the front has been the motto of the five-megapixel camera and eight-megapixel Rear fatty C plus.

Similarly, C Plus 4000 mAh battery while the phone battery 2350 mAh H.

Just the difference between the two phones, plus the motto of the screen is larger than the other.
16 GB storage has dual SIM slots in the PC Plus and will be offered for sale in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Eight GB storage motto of which three live versions of 89 Euro (10 per thousand), while four live versions of 99 Euro (over 11 thousand).

Fatty C plus price comparison was laid 119 euros (more than thirteen and a half thousand Pakistani rupees).

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