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Justin Bieber made foolish the Indians

Indian  pop singer Justin Bieber made to Limestone Indians in the name of the song live concert and only 4 to 2 hours of live concert that will remain mere lip stirring songs.

Pop singer Justin prepares live concert Mumbai Bieber were released Zorro noise for several days and Bollywood celebrities as well as ordinary youth to attend the concert were also anxious that concert tickets were bought very expensive prices and expensive ticket was sold in more than 76 thousand but still a long list of wishes handed Justin Bieber have taken the Indians Lime.

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Indian media reports Justin from India throughout the live concert in Mumbai Bieber attended by more than 45 thousand people, but the 2 hour concert Justin Bieber only 4 songs for live cattle and the Indians to just move my lips songs the made foolish.

Directed by Anurag Basu leading participant in the concert also expressed disappointment over Justin Bieber to fool the Indians. The director said that I am a big fan of Justin Bieber and I went near the left krastyj VIP seat during the concert, but I was more disappointment this time that Justin was moving lips on most songs.

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Meanwhile, Justin Bieber is being taken by the Indians live social media make a fool of the concert
prary and many people would say a bad word about Justin Bieber.

The Justin Bieber live concert was held on May 10 Mumbai and singer was given the long list of wishes administration on the eve of India's arrival.

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