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iPhone 8 most expensive phone

Apple is likely to be offered from 3 new mobile phones in September this year, but may delay the introduction of these mobiles.

But experts now the iPhone has eased begin the analysis of three new mobile phones coming, including the iPhone 8 Apple has been the most expensive phone.

iPhone by Apple in September 2017, 7 S, S Plus iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 is likely to be introduced, but the iPhone 8 will be more than the value of these three phones.

IPhone is likely to be present models 2 to 8, which will have a 128 and a 256 GB model, while their prices are expected as US $ 999 and $ 1099.

The amount of these mobiles up to one million 15 thousand to 4 thousand million.
Mobile phones will be the iPhone's price, according to market analysts 7 to US $ 649, while the iPhone's 7 plus the price of 769 dollars, ranging from 67 thousand to 70 thousand mobile Pakistani money.

According to experts, the Apple iPhone 8 5.8 35 US dollars on the screen, $ 20 on three-D sensing, while 16 will receive $ 29 in terms of speed and memory.

According to experts, could Apple possibly offer 3 models of 2 models of the iPhone 8 when the iPhone 7 S Plus, iPhone 7 S Plus 2 model of the iPhone will feature 8 similar features and characteristics .

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