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Intel introduced 18 new Core CPU

At the Computex Taipei 2017 conference, where other technology companies have introduced their own devices, there Release Intel also introduced the fastest desktop CPU.

Intel introduced the 18 core of the CPI in the US The company's new x-299 chip set is connected, first of all CPU speed than the maximum standby.

The Intel May 30 Computex offered in other models were introduced PC X series standby.

Intel Introduces Simultaneous X Series has 9 Xtreme Core 18, Core 16, Core 14, Core 12 and Core 10 CPU kradyyy.

Note that Intel 's Core 10 CPU on sale last year, but this time the offer has been further upgraded to 10 core CPU by.

X-series CPU core 10 with a special discount price in US dollars is the amount of 999, although the amount was more of the same model were presented last year.

The company's innovative X-series CPUs were present technology has been improved while using the system, which has high-speed computers.

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The company has been the X-series CPU upgrade chip sets installed in standby, so that users can enjoy uninterrupted high-speed technology.

The idea that many technology companies, which, in Taipei Computex program will continue until June 3 will present their devices.

Taiwan company last bar was introduced high-speed Internet routers, including Smart Zen Pro laptop.

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