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Many young graduate degree in two or three years to complete the job and are waiting to see, but are not attracted to the internship. It is their job to get the idea that it is the degree to succeed in life. So, they do not waste time waiting for work done, and do not use them correctly.

In government appointments during the test if they do not have the required experience, because it is only a test of talent, but there is a lot of experience as well as qualifications in the private sector, but experience in the private sector Skill is also more important than high school grades. I provide some basic information about the internships that I have tried in this article Coin, why it's needed and what are its advantages.

1. Internship requirement

When students step into their lives by completing their education does not work in the industry. There are many reasons which always lags behind the industry's educational curriculum and not timely updates (this is a global problem), do not work in practice because of inadequate facilities in educational institutions (this is our national problem), while the curriculum to the credit sometimes even recited many unnecessary things that have no practical use in life.

It also required a year for at least three months to understand the market. There are many areas in the education sector in Pakistan internship is an integral part of academic courses, such as medical, advocacy, etc. Chartered Accountancy. Often these areas the students must have graduated after a year of internship and internship after completion of the job or allow them to practice. Students who have a job after the internship, usually found that they quickly develop.

2. Internship Benefits

Internship numerous benefits, but not all possible in a short article mentioned, it is only a few short notes before serving.

3. Awareness of reality

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Our practical step in life when young. He is a graduate of up to 14 to 18 years of age and is mostly between 20 and 25 years.

Before the beginning of life, they live in an imaginary world. These are sketches of the world in mind, they are often far from reality. Such that idea in their mind that many of the guests have completed a great degree / course educational institutions, my academic record is very impressive, so companies have to make not mine, but in the company.

But when the internship view of the fact that these institutions show that the administration had at the time of entering their dreams, they all cannot be true. The market unemployment rate is very high, get a good job not possible for everyone, not just a good education and good grades good job, given the market the skills of charging her education if courses I was not involved.

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4. Tracking Market

Which company is more care of their employees, which the company does not pay the salary and other benefits, etc.

5. Planning the future

During the internship, you will also discover that the field is more scope for jobs, or what kind of capabilities given people more compensation and benefits in the market. Also, there is a shortage of some skills within yourself, what to courses or skills are required, or the degree or skills you have for success in the field of the future is so bright. All these things may know the internship in the market. Educational institution or sit with friends at home you cannot get any accurate knowledge of these things.

6. Job seeking is easy

Transportation of employees in the private sector generally continues throughout the year. The reason for this is that the senior people leave a company for better pay, benefits, and high position could join another company. On such occasions the general management of the company gives a new senior senior junior development space, and is given the job internship junior set.
The biggest reason is having it been that new person understand the company's environmental procedures and accordingly takes some time working in internships to the known method of working of the company.

For the internship, you can more easily find a permanent job in a good company, otherwise there is stiff competition among several candidates for a job.

During the internship pay is the monthly stipend, but get very little benefit in many places in Pakistan. So, little that it is just lunch and barely cover the rent of the office, while most companies have been clearly

'There is no round of salary / stipend during the internship.

Position in this regard that the owners are inexperienced persons, during the internship to be able to sell any services or who do not perform useful work, so they cannot be compensated. Compensation is only their skills to an extent because it is the right market position of the company could profit by selling them.

I should not be upset over the issue of salary during the internship. If you have a scholarship or less extinct, but if you are looking for opportunities to learn to work not to worry. Good progressive companies and the owners never compensate for any man. As company owners will be satisfied with your performance, you will definitely have to pay to start your work. On the contrary, if you do not receive reasonable compensation for any reason, you also have the experience, he is very valuable. Thanks to its experience and contacts you can earn a lot of profit in the next life.

9. It's easy to get an internship?

Unemployment in Pakistan's job market is very high. Every year degree students in universities has been thousands, but only a few of them get jobs according to their education. Not easy to get a job and internship, especially if the good companies are quite challenging.

Each company will be the experienced guy that I desire so much time on administration and training were not. If the person had experienced something even more pay and benefits, but the administration is ready for this.

10. Difficulties during internship

During the internships are a lot of difficulties. Corporate environment is quite different educational institutions and home environment. There are good people and bad people. Professional jealousy, leg draw, make a complaint, other character, to give wrong advice, this disease is found commonly on our offices and workplaces.
It is often seen that when a new person comes to senior office begins to feel threatened his seat. Senior behavior usually does not try to hate the good and the place of work for junior senior learning task.

'Where did you come to work in our lives so destroyed the company.

'You have no job, or find the job, the company is not good'

"Get out of here as soon as may be, there is no future."

Office Boy interns who work in many companies is taken. I have seen himself in many offices graduates prepare the tea, bring a bottle of water, cleaning office.

Senior people in some companies employ individuals who are considered personal as internship supervisor. Their home is conducted personal work, the kids get back from school, car take the workshop for repairs, tuition fees without children washed, to fix free from your home computer, borrowed on salary are generally not refundable, which take money while women may also have a senior who previously married to suggest ways for fast growth.

The difficulties that occur to every internship is not necessary, are written above.

11. The latter baht

After completing your education if you cannot find a job because you have to sit in the finished home. Intern in the ship or any form must be linked necessarily with their field in order to enhance your work skills, and whenever given advertisement a good job, if you have the required skills and experience for this before there.

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